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Disassembly, relocation, assembly and reconnection of industrial equipment.



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We employ a professional and experienced team of mechanical and electrical technicians, so we are capable of performing movements and relocations with our own team from start to finish, which in practice means we excecute the electrical and mechanical disconnection and disassembly of the hardware into segments, transport the segments to a new location with our own equipment, and then excecute the mechanical assembly and reconnection of the machinery to its energy sources. In addition to this, we also offer the adaptation and modification of hardware, if desired, as well as on site reviews of transportability free of charge. We are present in Europe and around the world. Our scope also includes transport and lifting of loads with our own vehicles as well as installation, dismantling, service and maintenance of industrial equipment. We have professional tools for performing work, hydraulic cylinders and lifting units and load carts for moving around production facilities.

In our fleet of heavy duty equipment we have at our disposal:

  • Fassi 800XP (21.5 T) truck with a platform capacity of 14 T
  • Jekko 1,8 T mini crane
  • Linde 1,8 T forklift
  • Kalmar 7,5 T forklift
  • Mora forklift with jam, load capacity 25 T

RELOCATION of machines and lines


Service and maintenance of industrial equipment


Lifts and transports loads by truck

Relocation in 3 steps


Electrical and mechanical disconnection of the machine


Moving to a new location

Mechanical assembly of the machine and connection of energy sources


If desired, the transfer can also include the  cleaning of machines with a cleaner that 

works on the principle of dry steam.




We are experts in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and lubrication on transport and handling devices.


We offer 24-hour responsiveness to customers for whom we execute the maintenance.


We maintain a high level of quality of our services, which are always at the level of successful competing companies

International presence

We operate throughout Slovenia as well as abroad.

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We have the trust of small, larger and still growing companies, as well as big companies and brands, such as